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The Bihar School of Yoga is a modern school of Yoga founded by Satyananda Saraswati in Munger, Bihar, India, in 1963.

Below are the retreats they offer.

Yoga + Meditation Programs at Bihar School of Yoga

Kriya Yoga

$143 | ₹9900

Kriya yoga is an intensive sadhana and requires a high level of preparation and experience of both hatha yoga and raja yoga.

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Yoga Lifestyle Capsule

$57 | ₹4000

Yoga Lifestyle Capsule trainings include daily classes with asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and simple meditation practices.

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Raja Yoga

$143 | ₹9900

Raja yoga is for those who are inspired to transform their entire personality and become better human beings by understanding, managing and awakening the strengths and qualities of the mind.

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What makes this retreat special
Established in 1963 - more than 55 years old
One of the first modern schools of yoga in India
The ashram follows the modern day gurukul lifestyle

“Great learning experience.”

Vinita Singh

“One of the most authentic Yoga Ashrams in the world!”

Rohit Chopra

“It's a very beautiful place and well disciplined.. perfect place for meditation.”

Chetan Rana