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Swami Kuvalayananda Marg, Parsi Colony, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410403 View Retreats at Kaivalyadhama Ashram
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Kaivalyadhama is not just one of the oldest Yoga Institute in the world, but it is one of the most comprehensive.

It doesn’t just teach, but since 1924 it has carried out substantial and innovative studies into almost every aspect of Yoga’s practice. "Swami Kuvalayananda founded Kaivalyadhama in 1924 after being guided and inspired by his Guru’s philosophy that spirituality could uplift society. Above all his many skills, Swami Kuvlayananda was a great visionary who foresaw immense scope for the application of Yoga in all the spheres of life. Kaivalyadhama’s specific aim is to bring together traditional Yoga with modern science, as neither is thought to be complete without the other. The Swami’s view was that society had lost its way, and only a new and happy ‘marriage’ between the two disciplines could help to regenerate and build a better life for all.


Yoga + Meditation Programs at Kaivalyadhama Ashram

Two weeks immersive healing program

$235 | ₹16500

The main purpose of building this program is to have more focused and immersive approach towards facilitating people to empower them and to guide for a quality way of living. This program is open to all those who are seeking to find meaning in their lives, to mend their ways, to find solace in their loss, to derive positive energy, to live their life, to be fully human, fully alive.

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What makes this retreat special
One of the oldest Yoga Institute in the world
3 Parts - a health centre that uses ayurveda, yoga and naturopathic medicine, a scientific research centre, and a yoga college that conducts short yoga courses right through to fully accredited university degrees in yoga
Three yoga packages offered - Yoga, with a focus on one of: Relaxation, Ayurveda, or Naturopathy

“A place one of its kind. Start from the entry to the to the exit, there is a special aura about this place. Something that flows so much positivity in the air inside the whole campus. You will come across happy people from all around the globe in there. Simply amazing.”

Udit Sharma

“Have rated the experience as 5 stars because of the following reasons: This was my second visit. My experience was even better then last time. Yoga teachers empowers you with knowledge basis your capacity. They do not make you dependent, in fact they teach you in such a manner that you do not need any yoga tutor, once back from the yoga institute. For everything thing there is a price. The experience is so enriching that you can make out the difference compared to the exotic places that we opt for when go for holiday.”

Gargi Sachdeva

“Kaivalyadhama yoga institute is a such an institute where you can learn the actual meaning of the Yoga. Where they follow the traditional yoga style. ”

King Of Hearts