Kaivalyam Retreat

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Kaivalyam Retreat is dedicated to promoting traditional form of Yoga in an environment which emphasis to live an ashram type of life style (daily yoga, meditation sessions, organic vegetarian food, farm setup)

Experience new dimensions of yourself. This is the perfect environment to get yourself "tuned-up" for not only the coming months, but for the rest of the year. Discover your optimum vitality. Learn to relax and reduce stress in your life through a personalized yoga and health maintenance program.


Yoga + Meditation Programs at Kaivalyam Retreat

Yoga Detox (3 days)

$145 | ₹10000

Yogic day mantra is to rise early from bed. A quick morning stroll in midst of the mist filled plantations helps to freshen up before the daily yoga practices. Morning practices emphasis on asanas for warm up, stretching and other poses. Once the workout is over, you will soon be igniting your test buds with natural and organic breakfast.

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Yoga + Meditation Detox (5 days)

$285 | ₹20000

More emphasis on yoga asanas, pranayama and other meditation techniques

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What makes this retreat special
Live in an ashram-type lifestyle
The natural forested cover with spice plantation surrounding provides calm, quiet and refreshing place to re-charge the lost energies.
The site consists of 11 acres of vegetation area - farmyard.

“They offered a wide variety of classes and entertainment such as hiking, plantation tours, tea tasting, cooking, sunrise yoga, meditation and more. This is a 100% visit again!”

Annie Taal

“We really enjoyed the meditation class in the evening. ”

Sins of wanderlust

“Yoga, clean food, water has made the stay memorable. The owner is too humble and helpful.”

Nisha Tomar