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Situated on a ground of 6½ acres, on a peaceful and tree filled setting, is the main building where Krishnaji lived during his visits to Chennai.

He gave his first talk on the lawns of Vasanta Vihar in 1936, as well as his last talk in 1986. A few thousand people would attend the talks and morning discussions. The focus of life at Vasanta Vihar, begins at The Study which is open to guests on the campus & visitors from the city. They have a retreat happening almost every month.

Yoga + Meditation Programs at Krishnamurti Foundation

Residential Retreat

$21 | ₹1500

A residential retreat offers an opportunity for those who are interested in seriously exploring the fundamental problems of human existence. The serene atmosphere and the silence that envelops the place lends itself to such an enquiry.

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What makes this retreat special
Anyone looking for a quiet retreat and the study of Krishnamurti’s Teachings is welcome
Well equipped library with a large selection of books on religion, philosophy, and psychology.
A good opportunity to meet fellow Krishnamurti meditatiors

“A place that facilitates the study, discussion and/or reflection on J Krishnamurti's teachings. You are on your own here. No teachers or guides, and if at all you find any, stay away. There will ofcourse be some fellow enquirers. It can be a life altering experience. Had the opportunity to be a resident student here for 3 months.”

Jithin Chandrabose

“It is such a delight to be here. Library is also fantastic!”

Asogan Asogan

“Very nice place to get in touch with Krishnamurti 's teachings and meditate.”

Pedro Coelho