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Rishikesh Yogpeeth was founded in the year 2006 by a group of young Rishikesh residents to spread the eternal message of yoga in a way that is contemporary and accessible to all.

The focus at Rishikesh Yogpeeth is on laying a firm foundation of yogic insights rooted in ancient wisdom, in the hearts and minds of all who come.

Yoga + Meditation Programs at Rishikesh Yogpeeth

7 Day Yoga Retreat

$350 | ₹24455

This yoga retreat will help you to understand the yogic way of life that could lead you to discover that yogic practice is what you were waiting for all this while to transform your life into something more meaningful. It will also help you to adjust to the ashram life .

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What makes this retreat special
They have trained more than 6000 students from over 110 countries as Yoga Teachers
Their teaching style is straightforward and heartfelt, with a judicious mix of traditional knowledge and modern methodologies.
They are based in Rishikesh, a small town nestled in the foot-hills of Himalayas

“A group of 8 of us stayed at Abhayaranya for 10 days this spring. The love and potential for growth that resides here is truly magical. ”

McKenzie Genin

“The people here feel like my family. This is the place where I came to know yoga and where I was able to grow and continue my journey of self-understanding with heightened awareness and understanding.”

Wyatt Graft

“Changed my life. Not only did my experience surpass expectations, it also left me with a deeper understanding of existence and stronger appreciation for the people I exist with.”

Lenny Thomas