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Vana is a refuge from the dukkha of everyday life, imbued with wisdom, wellness, learning and giving.

Each Vanavasi’s journey at Vana is suited to their own distinct needs. Which is why Vana has introduced three new retreat types for you to choose from, offering varying levels of immersion and activity. From simply resting the mind and body to working on your health to undergoing a long‑term physical and spiritual transformation, Vana has designed their retreats at Vana to help you live your goals and deepest aspirations.


Yoga + Meditation Programs at Vana

Vana Ashram (5 nights)

$2150 | ₹150000

Feel at home at Vana, consider it your refuge. While you rest your mind and body, find ways to just be. Enjoy Vana’s stillness and silence. Benefit from our repertoire of wellness traditions and participate in group sessions. Enjoy nature, music and meditating. Learn and assimilate. Encounter, discover and engage in ways that you may not experience back home. Live life fully and mindfully at Vana.

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Vana Lifestyle (14 nights)

$4410 | ₹308000

Take time to settle in at Vana, discover it and yourself fully. Explore each of our pillars of wisdom, wellness, learning and giving. Work with physical concerns, the mind and spiritual wisdom equally. Surrender to Vana, craft a new inner and outer journey. Learn and practise habits that will help you live a better life. Work on your awareness and sense of connectedness, through nature and meditation. Engage with our experts and learn from their abilities. Work on transformation at a deep physical level, through treatments, sessions, special diet plans and by learning to make informed choices. Be transformed, take Vana home with you and stay on the Vana journey.

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Vana Wellness (7 nights)

$3710 | ₹259000

Focus on particular objectives for your physical health while also working on your mind and emotions. Learn about your body, take back skills and tools to keep it well. Explore all the aspects of your physical wellness from movement and internal systems to natural healing and remedies. Discover the right cuisine for you. Become aware of your surroundings, your food, your treatments and activities. Observe how your body and mind respond to them and develop a wiser sense of discernment. Find health from inside‑out and outside-in.

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What makes this retreat special
A search for equilibrium, learning and the inner journey are at the heart of Vana
Authentic traditions of wellness, medicine and wisdom have been brought together at Vana
Vana means ‘forest’ in Sanskrit and we take inspiration from its nourishing, nurturing and selfless qualities

“Best place I have stayed, with a focus on wellness and community - the highest, most personable service, and amazing food and a beautiful, peaceful environment.”

Jessica Warren

“I have celebrated my 50th birthday last September there, and it was the best birthday I had in my entire life. Thank you VANA. You are truly home away from home.”

Entesar Husain

“A friend and I went to Vana last autumn and were very impressed with the entire experience. The accommodations were very comfortable, the food healthy and delicious, the retreats amazing, and the staff nothing short of incredible. I cannot wait to return!”

Susan Cass