What is ElephantPath?

ElephantPath connects verified yoga + meditation retreats in India, with people who want to travel and continue their path of self exploration.

How do I create a profile for my yoga retreat?

If you'd like more people to discover your yoga retreat, the first step is to send me an email with the information below. I'll then get back to you about how to take this forward.

Your email must include:

  • Your first and last name
  • The name of your retreat
  • Your role at your company
  • Your website

Why should we create a profile?

ElephantPath provides a way for your retreat to share its unique culture and program with people who are looking to travel and explore themselves at the same time. There are hundreds of yoga retreats in India for people to choose from, but travelers looking for this information usually have to spend many hours going through multiple Google searches, read a dozen articles, and can still be left without finding a retreat that matches what they are specifically looking for. India is the most popular country for yoga, and there are many travelers coming to India every month with the sole intention of exploring their inner selves.

In addition to getting in front of hundreds of people searching for a retreat like yours, creating a profile will help you articulate what values define your yoga retreat and evaluate how well these values are translating into what people are searching for. Lastly, having a profile will make initial conversations with travelers more meaningful, informative, and efficient because they've already identified their beliefs and behaviors as being in alignment with the retreats offered by you. They know what to expect when they visit you.

Is my retreat eligible for a profile?

Yes, as long as you are currently offering yoga + meditation retreats, and you have been in operation for more than 5 years, you have the possibility of being included in ElephantPath.

As long as you're excited about helping travelers explore their inner journey, you can create a profile.