The Elephant is referred to as the mind in some Buddhist texts.. and the path represents how it evolves through different stages and finally attains nirvana or mental bliss. As pictured below, the monk progressively chases, binds, leads, and subdues the elephant-like mind (whose colour progresses from black to white).


ElephantPath was started to help you find yoga and meditation retreats that you can take to step away from your day-to-day life and to help you get a different perspective by going to a new place and seeing the world, and yourself, in a new light. When you are on a retreat and doing multiple yoga and meditation classes every day, it is easier to disconnect and instead turn inwards. No cell phones buzzing or colleagues at work reminding you about deadlines.

India has thousands of meditation retreats but the challenge for someone wanting to go on a retreat has been finding legitimate, verified, and high quality retreats that work specifically for you, and can help you in you own path.

Each of these retreats and centers listed on ElephantPath are unique and offer different yoga and meditation programs at multiple price ranges. By highlighting different retreats in India, ElephantPath is providing you with the opportunity to begin (or continue) your wonderful journey of self exploration.

We hope that you use ElephantPath to expand the scope and scale of your life in ways that you have not imagined possible.

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